General law on marriage in Hong Kong

There are no residential requirements for the marrying parties and the parties may be of any nationality. However, a party to a marriage must not be under the age of 16.

If either or both of you are below the age of 21 but over 16, not being a widower or widow, your either parent's consent is required for the marriage provided that there is a subsisting marriage between the parents, otherwise, lawful guardian's/guardians' consent is/are required for the marriage. 

A certified copy of birth certificate and marriage certificate or order of custodial right from Court should be forwarded. 

In case of a divorced person, a decree absolute of divorce issued by a Court of Justice or a sealed, certified copy of this document has to be produced.

If the divorce documents are not in Chinese or English, certified translations are required. 

In case of widow / widower, a certified or sealed copy of the death certificate and marriage certificate should be produced.